Sadao Night

A Sadao night always has a sexy component

actually the fun happen at Danok a small village at the Thai side of the road crossing, business is 24 hour but from 11pm to 5am they close the border, so noone can escape. Here are several hundred girls working in the nightclubs, lounges, massage shops, discos and karaoke bars. This is one of the three top fun places with women in southern Thailand.

This place mostly exists serving the Malaysian guys on the other side of the boundary, they are by far the majority of the clients, even the ringgit is the unofficial means of payment. The ladies working here come from all over the country to try a hit and run tactic to get some cash, this is a modern version of Sodom and Gomorrah. 

sadao girls and nightclub
Sadao girls and nightclub

Both, the Malaysian men and the Thai girls really like that, 

the people who don't like it are the fundamentalists on the southern side.

Sadao nightlife show
Sadao nightlife show
that is a real pleasure dome
That is a real pleasure dome

sexy show at sadao nightclub
Sexy show at a Sadao nightclub

Having some fun with Thai ladies

fun with thai ladies
Fun with Thai ladies

biggest club in town
Biggest club in town
This small village has more entertainment available than most capitals in Europe, this is really amazing, what is the result hundreds of people have a job and most of the women nurture a family somewhere in upcountry.

This is grassroot social works the other is mainly bla bla because the money won't trickle to the ones who really need it, this kind of working in the night does.

They even come down from Laos and some from Myanmar because in both countries no much choice to find a job.